listen-to-the-voiceThe aim of the Europe-All-Included (EU-ALLINC) project is to develop methods and strategies to empower women to use their voice to enhance implementation of the European Equal Treatment and Non-Discrimination Directives at local and national level in order to improve the social economic position of Black, Immigrant and Refugee women (BMR-women).

To reach this aim an EU-Allinc Trainers Network of BMR-trainers) was build to:

1. raise awareness on European policies to eliminate discrimination and to establish equal treatment based on all grounds (sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation) and in all its forms.

2. provide women with legal information and information on where to go for legal assistance once they themselves have been victimised or are involved in discrimination or unequal treatment nearby.

3. empower women: being aware of the invasive consequences of discrimination or unequal treatment to women will by itself enlarge female empowerment.

4. development of strategies to establish together a discrimination free environment in the workplaces and in society.

5. educate women how to transfer their knowledge on women’s rights to equal treatment and non discrimination to others through intercultural dialogue.

The project started with building a European wide EU-ALLINC Trainers Network. Their expertise provided the input for the downloadable:EU-Allinc-Trainers-Manual--

EU Allinc Reader

EU Allinc Trainers Manual Preparing of the training and Training Programme


EU Allinc Glossary

for your follow-up actions after the training:

Action Planning in Ten Steps

and some Good Practices:

Good Practice Home Story Germany

Good Practice Nika

Next step is to disseminate the Trainers Manual through this website to enable all EU-ALLINC network members and other interested trainers to use this in their own organisations.

Tiye International appreciates if  you will assess the EU-Allinc programme with regards to applicability on local, national, regional and European level and to let us know the results. This will enable us to improve and expand the training ongoing!